2013年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试(天津卷)英语 笔试一、单项选择1.—-I’m going to Venice next week. —- .Carnival will be held then. Have fun!A. You’re crazy B. You’re lucky C. You’d better not D.You never know2.If you are in trouble,Mike is always willing to a band.A. lend B.shake C. wave D.want3.I think watching TV every evening is a waste of time—-there are meaningful things to do.A. less B. more C. the least D.the most4.—-Mary’s been offered a job in a university,but she doesn’t want to take it. —- ? It’s a very good chance.A. Guess what B. So what C. Who cares D. How why5. small, the company has about 1,000 buyers in over 30 countries.A. As B.If C. Although D. Once6. We have launched another man-made satellite, is announced in today’s newspaper.A.that B.which C. who D. what7.While she was in Paris,she developed a for fine art.A. way B. relation C. taste D. habit8.I had hoped to take a holiday this year but I wasn’t able toA. get away B. drop in C. check out D. hold on9. No one be more generous, he has a heart of gold.A. could B. must C. dare D. need10. In some languages,100 words make up half of all words in daily conversations.A. using B. to use C. having used D. used11. It was not until near the end of the letter she mentioned her own plan.A. that B. where C. why D. when12. At our factory there are a few machines similar to described in this magazine.A. them B. these C. those D. ones13. The water supply has been cut off temporarily because the workers one of the main pipes.A. had repaired B. have repaired C. repaired D. are repairing14. If he had spent more time practising speaking English before,he able to speak it much better now.A. will be B. would be C. has been D. would have been15. I want to tell you is the deep love and respect I have for my parents.A. That B. Which C. Whether D. What二、完形填空As I held my father’s hands one night, I couldn’t help but notice their calluses(老茧)and roughness. His hands tell the story of his life as a 16 ,including all his struggles.One summer, I remember, a drought (旱灾)hit Ontario,turning it into a 17 desert.On one og those hot mornings I was picking sweet corn with my dad to fill the last 18 from the grocery store.Fifty dozen was all we needed, which 19took twenty minutes.That morning,however,the process didn’t 20 quickly.After forty minutes of aimlessly walking in the field,we 21 needed twenty dozen.I was completely frustrated and 22 .Dropping the basket heavily, I declared, “If the store wants its last twenty dozen,they can pick it themselves1”Dad 23 .“Just think,my little girl,only ten dozen left for each of us and then we’re 24 .” Such is Dad—-whatever problem he 25 ,he never gives up.26 , the disastrous effects of the drought were felt all over our county.It was a challenging time for everyone,27 Dad remained optimistic.He 28 to be grateful for other things like good health and food on our plated.Only then did I truly begin to 29 Dad and his faith that guided us through the hard times.Dad is also a living example of real 30 .From dawn to dusk,he warks countless hours to 31 our family.He always puts our happiness 32 his own,and never fails to cheer me on at my sports games 33 his exhaustion after long days. His loving and selfless nature has inspired me to become more sympathetic and 34 putting others first.Dad,the life 35 I have learned from you will stay with me forever.You are my father,teacher,friend and,most importantly,my hero.16.A.teacherB.gardenerC.farmerD.grocer17.A.stormyB.livelyC.disappearingD.burning18.A.orderB.form C.gap D.position19.A.repeatedlyB.normally C.finallyD.really20.A.go B.begin C.occur D.change21.A.yetB.still C.even D.nearly22.A.surprisedB.nervous C.angry D.frightened23.A.apologizedB.cried C.complainedD.laughed24.A.lostB.done C.gone D.touched25.A.meets withB.brings upC.works outD.thinks about26.A.ThankfullyB.HopefullyC. UnfortunatelyD.Strangely27.A.orB.for C.so D.but28.A.happenedB.seemed C.continuedD.aimed29.A.faceB.appreciateC.examineD.question30.A.loveB.pride C.friendshipD.honesty31.A.supportB.settle C.start D.impress32.A.afterB.before C.besideD.under33.A.in spite ofB.in terms ofC.in control ofD.in place of34.A.carefulB.regretfulC.considerateD.humorous35.A.historyB.motto C.patternsD.lessons三、阅读理解A.Guide to Stockholm University LibraryOur library offers different types of studying places and provides a good studying environment.ZonesThe library is divided into different zones.The upper floor is a quiet zone with over a thousand places for silent reading,and places where you can sit and work with your own computer.The reading places consist mostly of tables and chairs. The ground floor is the zone where you can talk.Here you can find sofas and armchairs for group work.ComputersYou can use your own computer to connect to the wi-fi specially prepared for notebook computers,your can also use library computers,which contain the most commonly used applications,such as Microsoft Office. They are situated in the area known as the Experimental Field on the ground floor.Group-study placesIf you want to discuss freely without disturbing others,you can book a study room or sit at a table on the ground floor.Some study rooms are for 2-3 people and others can hold up to 6-8 people.All rooms are marked on the library maps.There are 40 group-study rooms that must be booked via the website.To book,you need an active University account and a valid University card.You can use a room three hours per day,nine hours at most per week.Storage of Study MaterialThe library has lockers for students to store course literature,When you have obtained at least 40 credits(学分),you may rent a locker and pay 400 SEK for a year’s rental period.Rules to be FollowedMobile phone conversations are not permitted anywhere in the librar.Keep your phone on silent as if you were in a lecture and exit the library if you need to receive calls.Please note that food and fruit are forbidden in the library,but you are allowed to have drinks and sweets with you.36.The library’s upper floor is mainly for students toA.read in a quiet placeB.have group discussionsC.take comfortable seatsD.get their computers fixed37.Library computers on the ground floorA.help students with their field experimentsB.contain software essential for schoolworkC.are for those who wan to access the wi-fiD.are mostly used for filling out application forms38.What condition should be met to book a group-study room?A group must consist of 8 peopleB.Three-hour use per day is the minimumC.One should first register at the universityD.Applicants must mark the room on the map39.A student can rent a locker in the library if heA.can afford the rental feeB.attends certain coursedC.has nowhere to put his booksD.has earned the required credits40.What should NOT be brought into the library?A.Mobile phonesB.Orange juice.C.CandyD.SandwichesB.Last night’s meteor(流星) shower left many people in the community dissatisfied and demanding answers.According to Gabe Rothsclild, Emerald Valley’s mayor,people gathered in the suburbs of the city, carrying heavy telescopes,expecting to watch the brightly burning meteors passing through the sky.What they found instead was a sky so brightened by the city’s lights that it darkened the light of the meteors passing overhead.“My family was so frustrated,” admitted town resident Duane Cosby, “We wanted to make this an unforgettable family outing,but it turned out to be a huge disappointments.”Astronomers—scientists who study stars and planets—-have been complaining about this problem for decades.They say that light pollution prevents them from seeing objects in the sky that they could see quite easily in the past.They call on people and the government to take measures to fight against it.There is yet a population besides professional and amateur star observers that suffers even more from light pollution. This population consists of birds,bats frogs,snakes,etc. For example,outdoor lighting severely affects migrating(迁徙的)birds.According to the International Dark-Sky Association. “100 million birds a year throughout North America die in crashes with lighted buildings and towers.”Countless more animals casualties(伤亡)result from the use of artificial lighting.Clearly,people enjoy the benefits of lighting their evenings,but some scientists think it can be harmful for humans,too. They worry that exposure to light while sleeping can increase person’s chances of getting cancer.Emerald Valley is only one community that is becoming aware of the negative effects of hight pollution.For years,Flagstaff,Arizona,has enforced lighting regulations in its city in order to assist astronomers at the Lowell Observatory.Similar efforts have been made worldwide,and a movement is underway to remind us to turn off lights when we are not using them,so that other creatures can share the night.41.It happened last night thatA.the city’s lights affected the meteor watchingB.the meteors flew past before being noticedC.the city light show attracted many peopleD.the meteor watching ended up a social outing42.What do the astronomers complain about?A.Meteor showers occur less often than beforeB.Their observation equipment is in poor repairC.Light pollution has remained unsolved for yearsD.Their eyesight is failing due to artificial lighting43.What the author concerned about according to Paragraph 4?A.Birds may take other migration pathsB.Animal’living habits may change suddenlyC.Varieties of animals will become sharply reducedD.Animals’survival is threatened by outdoor lighting44.Lighting regulations in Flagstaff,Arizona are put into effect toA.Lessen the chance of getting cancerB.create an ideal observation conditionC.ensure citizens a good sleep at nightD.enable all creatures to live in harmony45.What message does the author most want to give us?A.Saving wildlife is saving ourselvesB.Great efforts should be made to save energyC.Human activities should be environmentally friendlyD.New equipment should be introduced for space studyC.Poet William Stafford once said that we are defined more by the detours(绕行路)in life that by the narrow road toward goals.I like this image.But I as quite by accident that I discovered the deep meaning of his words.For years we made the long drive from our home in Seattle to my parents’ home in Boise in nine hours.We traveled the way most people do:the fastest,shortest easiest road,especially when ai was alone with four noisy,restless kids who hates confinement(限制)and have strong opinions about everything.Road trips felt risky,so I would drive fast,stopping only when I had to.We would stick to the freeways and arrive tired.But then Banner,our lamb was born.He was rejected by his mama days before our planned trip to Boise.I had two choices:leave Banner with my husband,or take him with me.My husband made the decision for me.That is how I found my self on the road with four kids,a baby lamb and nothing but my everlasting optimism to see me through.We took the country roads out of necessity.We had to stop every hour,let Banner shke out his legs and feed him.The kids chased him and one another.They’d get back in the car breathless and energized,smelling fresh from the cold air.We explored side roads,catching grasshoppers in waist-high grass.Even if we simply looked out of the car windows at baby pigs following their mother,or fish leaping out of the water,it was better than the best ride down the freeway. Here was life.And new horizons(见识).We eventually arrived at my parents’doorstep astonishingly fresh and full of storiesI grew brave with the trip back home and creative with my disciplining technique.On an empty section of road,everyone started quarreling.I stopped the car,ordered all kids out and told them to meet me up ahead.I parked my car half a mile away and read my book in sweet silence.Some road trips are by necessity fast and straight.But that trip with Banner opened our eyes to a world available to anyon adventurous enough to wander around and made me realize that a detour may uncover the best part of a journey—-and the best part of yourself.46.Why did the author use to take freeways to her parents’home?A.It was less timeB.It would be faster and saferC.Her kids would feel less confinedD.She felt better with other drivers nearby47.The author stopped regularly on the country roads toA.relax in the fresh airB.take a dep breathC.take care of the lambD.let the kids play with Banner48.What does the author discover from the trip according to Paragraph 6?A.Freeways are where beauty hides.B.Getting close to nature adds to the joy of lifeC.Enjoying the beauty of nature benefits one’s healthD.One should follow side roads to watch wild animals49.Why did the author ask the kids to get out of the car on their way back home?A.To give herself some time to readB.To order some food for themC.To play a game with them.D.To let them cool down50.What could be the best title for the passage?A.Charm of the DetourB.The Road to BraveryC.Creativity out of NecessityD.Road trip and Country LifeD.When asked about happiness,we usually think of something extraordinary, an absolute delight,which seems to get rarer the older we get.For kids,happiness has a magical quality.Their delight at winning a race or getting a new bike is unreserved(毫不掩饰的).In the teenage years the concept of happiness changes.Suddenly it’s conditional on such things as excitement,love and popularity.I can still recall the excitement of being invited to dance with the most attractive boy at the school party.In adulthood the things that bring deep joy—-love,marriage,birth—-also bring responsibility and the risk of loss.For adults,happiness is complicated(复杂的)My definition fo happiness is “the capacity for enjoyment”.The more we can enjoy what we have,the happier we are.It’s easy to overlook the pleasure we get from the company of friends,the freedom to live where we please,and even goo health.I experienced my little moments of pleasure yesterday.First I was overjoyed when I shut the last lunch-box and had the house to myself.Then I spent an uninterrupted morning writing,which I love.When the kids and my husband came home,I enjoyed their noise after the quiet of the day.Psychologists tell us that to be happy we need a mix of enjoyable leisure time and satisfying work.I don’t think that my grandmother,who raised 14 children,had much of either.She did have a network of close friends and family,and maybe this is what satisfied her.We,however,with so many choices and such pressure to succeed in every area,have turned happiness into one more thing we’ve got to have.We’ve so self-conscious about our “right” to it that it’s making us miserable.So we chase it and equal it with wealth and success,without noticing that the people who have those things aren’t necessarily happierHappiness isn’t about what happens to us—-it’s about how we see what happens to us.It’s the skillful way of finding a positive for every negative.It’s not wishing for what we don’t have,but enjoying what we do possess.51.As people grow older,theyA.feel it harder to experience happinessB.associate their happiness less with othersC.will take fewer risks in pursuing happinessD.tend to believe responsibility means happiness52.What can we learn about the author from Paragraph 5 and 6?A.She cares little about her own healthB.She enjoys the freedom of travelingC.She is easily pleased by things in daily lifeD.She prefers getting pleasure from housework53.What can b informed from Paragraph 7?A.Psychologists think satisfying work is key to happinessB.Psychologists’opinion is well proved by Grandma’caseC.Grandma often found time for social gatheringsD.Grandma’s happiness came from modest expectations of life54.People who equal happiness with wealth and successA.consider pressure something blocking their wayB.stress then right to happiness too muchC.are at a loss to make correct choicesD.are more likely to be happy55.What can be concluded from the passage?A.Happiness lies between the positive and the negativeB.Each man is the master of his own fateC.Success leads to happinessD.Happy is he who is content四、阅读表达My name is Clara.I still remember that chilly December day,sitting in science class.I’d finished a worksheet early and picked up a TIME for Kids magazine. A piece of news caught my eye:NASA was holding an essay contest to name its Mars rover(火星探测器).Before I even knew anything else about it,a single word flooded my 11-year-old mind,Curiosity.I couldn’t want for the bell to ring so I could get started on my essay.That afternoon,I raced home,sat down at the computer,and typed until my fingers ached. “Curiosity is an everlasting flame that burns in everyone’s mind…”Five months later, my mon received a phone call,and immediately, a wide smile spread across her face.On August 5,2012,at 10:31 p.m,the rover named Curiosity touched down safely on the surface of Mars,and I was honored to have a front-row seat in NASA.Curiosity is such an important part of who I am.I have always been fascinated by the stars,the planets,the sky and the universe. I remember as a little girl,my grandmother and I would sit together in the backyard for hours.She’d tell me stories and point out the stars,Grandma lived in China,thousands of miles away from my home in Kansas,but the stars kept us together even when we were apart.They were always there, yet there was so much I didn’t know about them.That’s what I love so much about space.People often ask me why we go to faraway places like Mares.My answer is simple because we’re curious.We human beings do not just hole up in one place.We are constantly wondering and trying to find out what’s over the hill and beyond the horizon.56.How did Clara get the new about the essay contest?( no more than 10 words)57.Why did Clara have a front-row seat in NASA?( no more than 10 words)58.What does Clara remember about the time spent with Grandma?( no more than 15 words)59.What does the underlined phrase “hole up”mean?(1 word)60.In your opinion,why is curiosity important?( no more than 20 words)五、书面表达61.假设你是某大学的学生李津,你校英语俱乐部将选举新一届副主席,负责规划、组织俱乐部的相关活动,你欲参选,请按以下提示,写一篇竞选演讲稿。一、个人的优势介绍(如性格、特长等)二、组织校内的活动的设想(如举办讲座、英语晚会等)三、组织校际交流活动的设想(如举办辩论赛、演讲比赛等)四、表达竞选的愿望。注意:1.词数不少于100;2.请勿提及真实学校姓名3.可适当的加入细节,以使内容充实,行文连贯;4.开头、结尾已给出,不计入总词数。参考词汇:副主席:vice president竞选: run forGood afternoon,my dear friends,My name is Li Jin,Thank you.



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